Mason Skin Clinic & Float Center now accepts most  HSA/FSA accounts for selected services including Flotation Therapy and Infrared SaunaTherapy sessions.   At Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center we’ve designed our own custom float Pod room to maximize your comfort and provide an exceptional experience.

New Client Special please call to make your appointment at (513) 913-7373

If you have a prescription for float therapy, you can use your HSA/FSA card.  Learn more>

The float room contains an extra-large, enclosed Pod with over 1,000 pounds of Medical Grade Epsom Salt dissolved in filtered Kangen water and heated to 94.0 degrees. Free from gravity and external stimulation, you are able to relax in a meditative state and sensation from the outside world melts away.

Listen to soothing music (by request) or float in serene silence in your private room. Enjoy total darkness or customize lighting to fit your mood. Floating offers a multitude of benefits for both mind and body. It is safe, all natural and therapeutic.

Imagine where your mind could go, how healing would come if you could completely quiet your body. With Flotation Therapy, you’re treated to an amazing weightless experience.
As you float you absorb and increase magnesium and sulfate levels, calming your nervous system and enhancing your body’s natural ability to heal.  Aches, pains and stress fade away. Vitality is renewed. You emerge like a new person.

Ready to schedule an appointment?  Buy a Membership online.  We recommend you float at least four times to get the full flotation therapy effects.  Call Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center to schedule your appointment now at (513) 913-7373.