Flotation Therapy – $79

Mason Skin Clinic & Float Center work closely with recognized specialists.  Whether in the areas of sports, care or medicine, we constantly put our flotation therapy to the test with the latest scientific findings and the practical orientation.  We acclaim our unique blend of heated kangen water, dissolved with 1200 pounds of Medical Grade Epsom Salt, not only helps against stress, but relaxes all your physical and mental senses, balancing your muscle tone, and according to experts in this field, helps against insomnia and strengthens your immune system.  Flotation therapy is mainly used to alleviate the following symptoms and disorders:  chronic pain, arthritis, stress, anxiety, headaches and migraines, addictions, back pain, muscle pain and fatigue and boost the immune system.

Imagine you could achieve the restful effect of a complete night’s sleep in just a single hour.  A place free of gravity and external stimulation, a space where you effortlessly float like an unborn baby with no gravitational force – you float effortlessly on the surface.  This state of weightlessness promotes total relaxation.  The mind becomes clear and awake.  The salt water supplies the body with essential nutrients and invigorates the circulation.  After this unique treatment, you are so relaxed in a meditative state and the stresses from the outside world melts away.

Listen to soothing music (by request) or float in serene silence in your private room. Enjoy total darkness or customize lighting to fit your mood. Floating offers a multitude of benefits for both mind and body. It is safe, all natural and therapeutic

Each float experience varies on an individual basis, and no two floats are the same.  It is important to go in with an open mind and be prepared for a unique experience.  The more you float the more profound your experiences get.  You will begin to learn how to float and begin to feel the full float sensation and gain the best benefits after 4-5 float sessions.

We accept most  HSA/FSA accounts for selected services including flotation therapy and Infrared SaunaTherapy sessions.

Benefits of float therapy

  • complete relaxation and meditative state
  • doubles the rate of healing in muscle strains
  • optimization of athletic performance and recovery
  • anti-inflammatory muscle relief
  • migraines and headaches
  • chronic pain and arthritis relief
  • alleviation of stress
  • boost immune system
  • deep muscle relaxation and knots released
  • mental and physical rejuvenation
  • promotion of the body’s healing ability
  • increased circulation
  • anxiety and depression
  • increase magnesium levels
  • muscle relaxant, protein builders for joints

Flotation therapy for athletes 

  • removes stress on muscles, bones and joints
  • reduces inflammation, regulates electrolytes and stimulates detoxification
  •  increase in magnesium calming your nervous system, enhancing your body’s natural ability to heal
  • speeds recovery from injury such as strains and sprains
  • increases energy (ATP)
  • increase cortisol levels
  • reduces lactic acid build up
  • improves circulation and distribution of oxygen
  • deep relaxation and meditation
  • improves athletic performance
  • reduces blood pressure and heart rate
  • strengthens the immune system

Preparing for your float and what to expect during your float experience

  • arrive 15 minutes prior to your float time (first time floaters)
  • eat a small meal 90 minutes before your float
  • avoid caffeine 3-4 hours prior to your float
  • DO NOT where any lotions, oils, make-up (including mascara), deodorant, hair gel or hair sprays
  • avoid shaving 24 hours before floating-the Salt can make a fresh shave uncomfortable
  • enter the float room undress and put in your earplugs before you shower
  • rinse off before entering the pod
  • enter the pod close the pod door lay back and relax turn the lights off to your right and the outside light will go off automatically within 3-5 minutes after entering the pod
  • float and relax
  • when the circulation starts your float time is over, turn the lights on in the pod then exit the pod carefully
  • lift pod door and the lights will automatically go on enter the shower
  • return to lobby or proceed to Bathroom for any additional personal care

What to bring

  • we provide towel, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion and hair dryer
  • please bring a comb or brush
  • bring any additional products you would like to freshen up with after your float   
  • most people float nude – wear a bathing suit if you do not want to float nude
  • keep in mind to get the best float, floating nude is the most natural state

Can I fall asleep in the float pod

  • yes, many people safely fall asleep in the pod as a result of being so relaxed
  • your Brain goes into that deep rem sleep
  • fear of “rolling over” the solution is so dense it is very difficult to turn over
  • If this were to happen the salt in the water would irritate the eyes and nose and immediately wake the floater

What if I’m claustrophobic

  • the pods are much bigger than you think, the amount of space gives you the sensation of complete comfort
  • you can leave the door open or leave the light on inside the pod until you get used to the pod

Can I float if I am pregnant

  • yes, relieves the pains of pregnancy
  • relieves back pain
  • helps with sciatic nerve pain
  • get in touch with your baby – some mom’s report that they can hear their baby’s heartbeat
  • we do ADVISE that you ask your Doctor first and bring in a doctors note
  • float after first trimester has ended and bring in consent form from your doctor

What if I have my period

  • We prefer for you to wait to float at the end of your menstruating cycle where you are not heavy and use a tampon as you would prepare as if you were going swimming

What is used to keep the pod clean

  • the float pod is already a sterile environment due to the high concentration of medical grade epson salt, as no microorganisms can live in the Dead Sea the same goes for the the level of salt in the float pod
  • our state of the art pod uses a surface skimmer, filter, ozone filter system and a disinfection process to keep the pod clean

Ready to schedule an appointment?  Buy a Membership online.  We recommend you float at least four times to get the full flotation therapy effects.  Call Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center to schedule your appointment now at (513) 913-7373